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OK Democrats, Prove Yourselves: Investigate Cheney’s Energy Meetings!

Will they all just walk away?  Will the criminals who planned and carried out an illegal war with huge consequences simply fade away into history at the end of their terms of office? Many already have, and many more will follow.

The new power that the Democrats have in Congress will be a telling moment for the resurrection of their lost backbones.  The root of so much evil in the past six years has been hidden in the secret world of Dick Cheney:

It's time to pull back the curtain.

This excerpt is part of a challenge to the Democrats in Congress to take on Cheney...who has already stated he would not answer a subpoena issued by any investigating committee.  It's time to test that assertion.  Let's see if anyone conjures up the guts to do so:

OK Democrats, Prove Yourselves: Investigate Cheney’s Energy Meetings!

By taking impeachment off the table before a single investigation is launched, before a single subpoena is issued and before a single confirmation of high crimes committed is achieved (in an official Congressional forum that is…we have plenty of confirmations of high crimes by this administration), the new Democratic leadership is proving true my assessment of our new Congress. It is starting to look like we got an oil change when we needed a blood transfusion. Not only did we get a simple oil change but it looks like they are still not changing the filter on this same old engine that is driving us all down a road to hell.

Here is a way to measure the sincerity and dedication to democracy of this new Democratic leadership. Watch how they address Dick Cheney’s secret energy policy meetings or just watch to see if they address it at all! For those of you who do not know, and why should you know…the criminal corporate media pretended it never happened, before the events of 9/11 unfolded Dick Cheney decided that the nation’s energy policy decision making process should be kept secret from the citizens of this nation and from Congress. He also decided that the only participants in the process should be the rich corporations who can derive huge profits by controlling the energy supplies that we all depend on. Cheney also decided that energy policy meetings were no place for any people who had ideas about or solutions to the many problems faced by the world as a result of a growing dependency on expensive, polluting, global warming causing, war precipitating fossil fuels!...

Full editorial here:
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